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Curiosity Gym provides technology curriculum & experiential learning programs for students, teachers and schools. Platform and curriculum allows rapid implementation of NEP proposed learning paradigms and teaching and student resources.

Curiosity Gym has been instrumental in setting up Innovation Hubs at leading schools in Mumbai. It integrates a range of fields in science, technology and innovation in co-curricular as well as extra-curricular activities at IB, IGCSE, ICSE and CBSE schools.


Our latest online program 'Curiosity @ Home' is a response to the nation-wide COVID-19 lock-down. It includes online courses in STEM, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, App Development, Robotics, 3D Printing and BioinformaticsThese interactive sessions are delivered online, so students can keep learning without stepping out of their homes. 

We also provide long-term individual mentorship. Whether it is building projects for social/environmental impact, programming projects, and competitions like WRO; our mentees and students stand a class apart in their applied learning skills and ability to imagine questions that would otherwise not be asked in a traditional curriculum. 

While there are Gyms for exercise of the body, temples for religion and other organisations to find your spirit, Curiosity Gym is a place for you to catalyse your own curiosity and imagine your next question.


Girish Nair

Girish has over 25 years experience in technology and management at various companies in Silicon Valley, CA and India.


He has designed and managed highly automated systems at Intel, Webvan, managed the global Siebel Program Management team and been CEO at Netcore. Girish has a Bachelors from IIT – B, a Masters in Automation from Virginia Tech and done Engineering Management study at Stanford.

In his second innings, at Curiosity Gym he would like to create a platform for students, youth and adults to have fun while learning.

Jehangir Khajotia

Jehangir is a co-founder of Curiosity Gym. He is an industry veteran in technology, embedded systems and the Internet of Things. He has been involved in R&D and a senior consultant at several organisations. Jehangir’s passion is figuring out How Things Work.


Live Online Courses

Enroll for courses in STEM, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Game Development, Robotics, Design, 3D Printing, Bioinformatics and more.

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