Artificial Intelligence

Grades 6-9  |  Duration 8 hours

Course Fee: ₹5,000 ₹6,000

Batches starting on 

19th Dec 2020 & 26th Dec 2020



This is an introductory course to artificial intelligence. It will be taught using a block-programming approach to learn AI modules. Machine learning concepts like identifying an object, recognizing text, numbers and images have been gamified and made fun to learn. 

Some of the activities in this course include programming a chat-bot, a rock-paper-scissors game, and a machine to guess the demographics of a person by looking at their picture. You will learn the fundamentals of block-based programming to make interactive machines and games. 


During these sessions, you will be encouraged to create socially relevant applications from your program such as a currency detector for the visually impaired or a waste segregation helper.




Block Programming

Learn the fundamentals of block programming and data prediction models.

Image Recognition

Make a machine that can guess the age and gender of a person by looking at his or her image.

Speech Processing

Make a voice recognition machine that can talk to you.

Interactive Programs

Create interesting programs and games with AI blocks like a Rock-Paper-Scissors game.

Social Applications

Write socially relevant programs such as a currency detector for the visually impaired or a waste segregation helper.



  • Broadband Internet Connection

  • Zoom Application downloaded on computer based on OS  (click here to download)

  • Headphones with mic (optional)




  • 4 days course| 2 hours a day

  • Batch 1 starts 19th Dec 2020 to 23rd Dec 2020 | Timings: 3 - 5pm

  • Batch 2 starts 26th Dec 2020 to 30th Dec 2020 | Timings: 3 - 5pm


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