COVID-19 Response

We have developed a protective face shield and mask adjuster that can be 3D printed and assembled in less than 30 minutes. Over 100 parts have been provided to doctors, nurses and staff of KEM hospital, Mumbai. 

Our designs are open-source, and free to re-use and modify.

Designed for 3D Printing

It takes less than 30 minutes to 3D print the face shield frame using a 1 mm nozzle. It can made in PLA, an eco-friendly 3D printing material.

Punch four holes on clear PET or OHP sheets using our cutting template. The transparent sheet can then be snapped on to the frame. 

Quick Assembly

A flexible frame that makes the face shield free-size

Minute air gaps to stop the material from fusing 

3D Print stacks of 10 frames at one go

Slots and chamfered edges for easy separation

Reaching Healthcare Workers

KEM Hospital, Mumbai

The quality of the face shields is really good, with a sturdy design and they are easy to disinfect as well, so we are able reuse them. These face shields are also very comfortable compared to the others we receive.


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