Want to jump start making an IoT gadget?

Introducing Two Kits - Idiotware and Wemos Shield


Idiotware Shield

The perfect companion for your Arduino - a learning platform that offers both novices and advanced users, the opportunity to bring hundreds of projects alive quickly. 

Weather Station

Uses Idiotware shield to log temperature and light data at 5 second intervals from an Arduino to a ThingSpeak IoT application.

Pet Food Dispenser

Uses Idiotware shield to control a pet food dispenser from a remote or set on an automatic schedule.

NTP Clock

Uses Idiotware shield with a Network Time Protocol to display real-time data of the date, time and temperature.


Wemos Shield

An open source, plug n play shield for Wemos D1 Mini Development Board. Arduino IDE Compatible and IoT Ready.

Use Case Scenarios:

  • Mood LampRemotely control RGB LED using Blynk app. 

  • Color Sensing LampAn interactive lamp that can mimic the color of any physical object or surface.

  • SOS AlarmEmergency button for emergency situations.

  • Digital RulerMeasure the distance using ultrasonic sensor.

  • Temperature MonitoringLog and monitor room/office temperature on Adafruit dashboard

  • Pet FeederFeed your pet anytime from anywhere.

  • Automatic Garage Door OpenerOpen garage door using human movement detection.

  • Smart CurtainControl curtains according to sunlight.

  • Flappy BirdPlay flappy bird game on OLED display.


  • Pushbutton

  • LDR

  • Piezo Sensor 

  • Flex Sensor

  • Ultrasonic Sensor

  • DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor

  • PIR Sensor 

  • MPU6050

  • Color Sensor


  • RGB Led

  • Servo Motor

  • OLED Display

  • Buzzer

  • WS2812 Led

IoT Ready

Connect with Remote servers and Services to save or fetch data to your Arduino.

Arduino IDE 

Compatible with most Arduino Boards like the Arduino Uno, Arduino Mega and Arduino Leonardo. 

Open Source

Open Source Hardware and Software. Learn, Edit, Modify and Build from our extensive list of projects.

Plug & Play

Eliminate messy wiring, breadboards and veroboards. Build your IoT and Arduino in hours rather than days.


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