Build your own projects & portfolio 

Get one-on-one mentorships on projects that solve real world or technically challenging problems. Our project mentors can guide you on making a solution that spans fields of design, electronics, 3D printing, Internet of things (IoT), programming, bioinfomatics, physics and more. 

Start thinking outside the box

Our mentors are known to ignite minds with new ideas & knowhow. They work with students to develop their skills and help flesh out ideas for a project.  Mentees are guided to gain a deeper understanding of the problem, different stakeholders and insights and prototype on a possible solution within identified assumptions and constraints.

We encourage students to submit their projects in Global or National Events like International Youth Science Forum, Google Science Fair, Robotics Challenges, Coding Hackathons,, Niti Aayog  competitions and more.

Search Deeper for Answers
What hasn't been discovered yet? What hasn't been invented?

Where do you start looking?

Boost your Knowledge

Expand horizons of problem-solving and practical skills in science, technology and design.

Get College Ready
Do exciting projects in the latest fields and create a college-ready profile and skill-set.

Need help choosing a project?

Our mentors will help you explore topics like STEM, Coding, Design Thinking, Electronics, Robotics, 3D Printing, Bioinformatics and then choose a suitable project. Check out some topics below or contact us to know more.

Sustainable Development Goals

Coding for the Pandemic

Our student project showcase



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How does mentorship help?

A mentee has a unique advantage of being able to borrow upon the knowledge and experience of the mentor, which would take the mentee years to master and gather. When skills and tools are involved, safety and correct usage can only come from experience, which the mentee can learn from the mentor.

What qualities do I need?

A curious, inquiring mind with keen observation. This helps pivot from the current set of knowledge to something that can be corroborated from what is being observed. You should also have the drive to see a project through and be open to feedback from the mentor.

Some universities where our mentees have been selected for undergrad programs


Live Online Courses

Enroll for courses in STEM, coding, artificial intelligence, game development, robotics, 3D printing, bioinformatics and more.

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