Online Courses


Website Design Using HTML & CSS

Create multi-page responsive  websites using HTML & CSS

Grades 6-12

9 sessions

Product Design & 3D Printing

Learn to design your own 3D printable products using CAD modelling

Grades 6-12

12 sessions



Use block programming to experiment with AI applications

Grades 7-9

8 sessions

Learning to Code Games

Design your own interactive stories, animations, games and avatars

Grades 3-6

Up to 36 sessions

Virtual Robotics

Program, build and test robots on a virtual simulation software

Grades 6-12

Up to 36 sessions

STEM Experiential Learning

Gamified learning on science, technology, engineering and mathematics

Grades 3-8

Up to 36 sessions

Coding In Python

Learn programming in Python and write your first program

Grades 8-12

8 sessions

Mobile App & Game Development

Learn MIT App Inventor to create mobile applications and games

Grades 6-8

Up to 36 sessions


Learn about genes and proteins to unravel blueprints of various life-forms

Grades 9-12

8 sessions

STEM For Senior School

Explore simulation software and build complex systems

Grades 9-12

Up to 24 sessions

Data Visualization using Python

Get introduced to programming and data visualization using Python

Grades 8-12

12 sessions


Quality Content

Acquire 21st century skills from professionals

Interactive & Fun

Easy learning with screen sharing, chat and more

Learn from Experts

Experiential learning teachers from top schools in Mumbai Certified

Accredited Educational Experience™ 


Live Online Courses

Enroll for courses in STEM, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Game Development, Robotics, Design, 3D Printing, Bioinformatics and more.

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