Product Design & 3D Printing

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Product design is a way to transform simple ideas into tangible products that aim to improve everyday life. This combines design, science, technology and art to create something innovative and sustainable. You will learn about product design from a 3D printing perspective – an evolving technology that is used to build complex parts instantly.


In this course, we will design products using a professional CAD software, Fusion 360. You will be challenged to come up with imaginative products through 3D CAD modelling. After completing the full course, you can upload the design file to be 3D printed, and receive your unique product at home.


  • Design Thinking 

  • Freehand Sketching

  • 3D Geometry & Visualization 

  • CAD Modelling on Fusion 360

  • Aesthetics, Materials & Rendering

  • 3D Print Slicing & Settings


This level is built for junior students, for grades 5-7. Participants will begin thinking

in 3D and learn the basics of 3D CAD modelling and 3D printing.

1 hour sessions

3 days a week

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

4:00 - 5:00 pm


Suitable for first-timers to 3D modelling, grades 8 and above. Participants will learn various CAD tools and the effect of 3D print settings on the prototype.

1 hour sessions

3 days a week

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

4:00 - 5:00 pm

1 Month

(12 sessions)


New batches starting weekly


  • Broadband Internet Connection

  • Zoom Application downloaded on computer based on OS  (click here to download)

  • Headphones with mic (optional)


  • Provided after completing the course successfully.


For previous users of CAD, grades 8 and above. Pro design tools and expert 3D print settings are explored. 

1 hour sessions

3 days a week

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

6:00 - 7:00 pm


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