Data Visualization using Python

Weekly 2 hours  |  Grades 8-12  |  Duration 6 weeks

1 Month (12 hrs) ₹9,000


Data visualization is being used in a variety of ways such as in the analysis of number of infected cases and virus growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Analyzing data and visualization gives users a new perspective to solve problems. As organizations all across the globe are becoming increasingly data-driven, the ability to work with data is becoming an essential skill. In this part of the course, students will be introduced to visualization of datasets - generating plots, understanding their meaning, and using statistical techniques from various libraries in Python such as NumPy, Panda, Seaborn and Matplotlib.

This course covers the basics of Python, but it is recommended for students who know have done Python programming before.


  • Basics of Python

  • Data cleaning and processing with Panda library

  • Merge, group and manipulate data

  • Principles of data visualization and mathematical pre-requisites

  • Statistical techniques: distribution and sampling of the data 

  • Basic charting with Matplotlib library: scatter-plot, line-plot, bar charts etc.

  • Advanced charting: sub-plots, histograms, box-plots, heat maps

  • Plotting with Panda library: Seaborn visualization



  • Broadband Internet Connection

  • Zoom Application downloaded on computer based on OS  (click here to download)

  • Headphones with mic (optional)




  • 2 days a week: Tuesday and Saturday

  • 1 hour sessions: 6:00 - 7:00 pm


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