Virtual Robotics

Grades 6-12  |  Duration 5 days | 2 hours a day

Course Fee: ₹5,000 ₹6,000

New batches starting on first and third week of every month



Curiosity Gym is happy to announce that even during the lockdown Period due to  CV-19, Students can still be in touch with their favorite subject - Robotics using the Lego EV3 Environment. This course will be delivered through the Lego Robotics Virtual Toolkit platform for instruction. The simulation software enables students to learn and practice building a robot, programming it, and testing it - without the need of physical robotics kits. 

Some of the sessions also utilise past WRO (World Robot Olympiad) challenges to be solved, this will help students prepare and participate as teams when WRO resumes. Experienced Curiosity Gym mentors will guide students to use this platform and its various modules for design and programming of robots.




WRO Challenges

Practice for World Robotics Olympiad (WRO)  by solving challenges from previous competitions across different categories.

Sumo Wrestling Bot

Build and program your robot to wrestle and knock your opponent out of the ring.

Soccer Bot

Program robots to play soccer using infrared and compass sensors to locate and move the ball into the goal post.

Clean Up Bot

There are things scattered all across the floor, can you write a code for your bot to clean them all up?

Obstacle Avoider

Learn about various sensors and program them to make your robot solve a multi-obstacle maze

FLL Mission

First Lego League is one of the largest robotics competitions, where you build robots that achieve points.



  • Minimum 4 GB RAM

  • Integrated Graphics Card

  • Windows 8.1 or newer, Mac OS X - Mojave or newer

  • 64-bit Operating System

Virtual Robotics Toolkit Software is to be purchased by each student (not included in course fees). 

Cost of Software license (perpetual ) per student ₹ 2,724/- click here to download




  • 5 days course| 2 hours a day

  • New batches starting on first and third week of every month | Timings: 4 - 6pm


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